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Diedra Thornton

Diedra Thornton began as a colon hydro-therapist, and continues to educate her clients who have traveled the world and visited medical doctors and alternative health doctors.  After years of hearing what works and what doesn’t work, she realized that just cleansing the colon is not the solution. She'll focus on determining what systems are not working, because the colon is dependent on the health of the other systems as well.

Diedra Thornton

Read the attached article that was printed in the Big Sky weekly paper in Big Sky, Montana. Find out more about the promise of enzymatic therapy and your wellness by calling us today.

Our team here at Spruce Haven Wellness Center is dedicated to providing personalized service for you to find the therapies that will work best in your situation. From massage therapy to enzymatic cleaning, you'll have access to a range of effective options.

We offer a range of holistic therapies for you:

Enzymatic cleansing

Tesla Light Therapy

• Colon hydrotherapy

Massage therapy

Foot zone therapy

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Diedra Thornton