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"A person is ill.  No matter what is wrong, the first thing to understand is that something is out of order with his or her enzymes. Had the pertinent body enzymes succeeded in removing the causes of the health disturbance and maintained the body in its normal state of enzymatic balance, the person would not have become ill in the first place.  


For a long time, scientists have considered it logical that more enzymes of the required type and in the right quantity ought to be made available for almost every illness in order to end the disturbance in health. The new enzymes are needed in order to come to the aid of their weak, inferior, or perhaps even ailing enzyme colleague-in-arms."


— Enzymes: The Fountain of Life by D.A. Lopez, MD; R.M. Williams, MD, Ph.D.; K. Miehlke, MD

The problem

Enzymes are used as a major component in therapy during digestive kidney, liver, and gallbladder cleansing. The following cleanses may last a weekend up to a month. Call our office today!

• Immune support enzymes

• Allergy enzymes

• Memory cell enzymes

• Anti-oxidant

• Blood sugar enzymes

• Heart health

• Serrapeptase for healthy inflammatory   responses

• Balances yeast levels and more

• Choose from more over 15 formulas

The solution: enzymatic therapies

Digestive enzymes

Nutritional support

Enzyme nutritional support for balance

Get to the root of the problem.

The problem