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Foot Massage therapy

Learn more about the foot zone therapy provided by our experienced practitioners here at Spruce Haven Wellness Center. Foot zone therapy is a traditional form of foot massage. This therapy promotes self-healing by activating specific energy channels in the body.

Holistic care

With foot zone therapy, the body is divided into 10 vertical energy zones running from your feet to your head, and from the hands to the head.

When one of the zones is in dysfunction, the practitioner will feel crystalline deposits and / or tenderness in that area. The energy flow to related organs can be affected, so focus will be given to these areas.

Your therapy will begin with the Tesla energy light session, and then practitioners apply pressure and friction to the reflex points for whole-body assessment. Browse our menu page for more information, and call our office!

A little about energy zones

Repairing dysfunctions

Effective therapy

Foot Zone Therapy

Traditional foot massage can cleanse and refresh.

Holistic care