Spruce Haven Wellness Center

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Massage therapy

Whether you are in need of calming or stimulating your nervous system, you'll find a therapy that's matched to your specific needs here. Regular massage has the potential to restore you with a feeling of replenished energy, reduction of fatigue, and rejuvenation in your body, mind, and spirit.


Regular massage can also strengthen and tone your muscles to prevent strain and excess tension.


At Spruce Haven Wellness Center, you'll receive this restorative massage therapy from a certified massage therapist with experience to provide a wide variety of massage therapies.

• Swedish massage

• Sports massage

• Myofascial release

• Hot rock massage

• Magnetic therapy

• Neuromuscular therapy

• Lymphatic drain

• Stress management and relaxation

• Pain reduction

• Injury rehabilitation

• Energy rejuvenation

• Shift in postural habits

• Enhanced body awareness

• Increased circulation

Therapy from a trusted, fully-trained therapist

Massage therapies

Benefits of massage

Massage Therapy

Retain many health benefits of massage.

Massage therapy